Proof That DeMarcus Cousins Would Be The Perfect ‘Full House’ Cast Member

There is a disconnect between what a lot of people think DeMarcus Cousins is and what DeMarcus Cousins actually is like. To many, he is a hothead who perpetually runs coaches out of Sacramento and lets his crappy attitude shine through by filling the stat sheet and not letting his teammates get buckets.

But based on the way we’ve seen him act in the community, Boogie is a legitimately wonderful, caring person. Everywhere you look, he’s helping out the people of Sacramento, and he really seems like he loves the city. His big heart and dynamite smile would make him the perfect cast member on a 90s coming of age sitcom about a family in California, like Full House.

Someone on the internet (@therealbradg) agreed with this and decided to cut up the OG Full House theme song and opening credits with a clip of Cousins tying his shoelaces and looking at a camera. It matches up perfectly, as the shot goes from Dave Coulier standing next to his car to Boogie cheesin’ like the fate of the world depends on it.

While he can never be on Full House for obvious reasons, it would be wonderful if we could see him in the opening credits of season two of Fuller House. Or if they just make season two of Fuller House all about the hijinks that would ensue if Cousins, Matt Barnes, and Vivek Ranadive lived together. I would spend all of my free time watching this program. Make it happen, Netflix.