Draymond Green Joined ‘Inside The NBA’ And Received An Apology From Charles Barkley

05.27.18 11 months ago


Draymond Green and Charles Barkley appear to have buried the hatchet. Green and the Golden State Warriors forced a Game 7 against the Houston Rockets on Saturday night in a game that was close for a while before Klay Thompson took over.

The rivalry between the Rockets and Warriors will now be settled on Monday night, but another budding rivalry this postseason appears to be over. After the game, Green joined TNT’s Inside the NBA show airing live in Houston to talk with the crew — most notably Barkley — who had less than flattering things to say about Green earlier this postseason.

It was Barkley who said he wanted someone to punch Green in the face, and though he apologized later he said he meant it. Green, meanwhile, said that Barkley should do the punching himself, otherwise he should stop talking. The weirdness extended to other interviews, too, such as when Barkley asked how “annoying” Green is when Kevin Durant showed up on set last week.

But on Saturday night, all that tension appeared to be put behind the two NBA stars.

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