The Warriors Literally Took Shots In The Dark At Shootaround In Miami

The Golden State Warriors are in Miami on Sunday to play the Heat. While Kevin Durant spent shootaround talking about how much he loves Dion Waiters, and how he can’t wait to play against him tonight, some of his teammates were stuck practicing in a dark American Airlines Arena.

The Warriors shot the lights out! jokes aside, and because NBA drama is the best drama, nobody knows why the lights went out during Warriors shootaround. It wasn’t necessarily an electrical issue, because you can hear music coming from Miami’s PA system while some of the Warriors were still trying to get shots up. Despite the mystery, the lights were only out for 15-minutes and nobody is claiming shenanigans. Besides, if you’re going to pull this kind of move on someone, a regular season game in December probably isn’t the best use of your cheating tactics. Save that for the playoffs.

Stephen Curry is known for his bizarre shooting drills, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he enjoyed the challenge of shooting in the dark. According to Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press, Curry said, “Nice little, I guess, test of muscle memory. You can somewhat see the rim, know where you are on the floor, but it’s kind of a different experience because you don’t get it every day. So that’s pretty cool.”

As you can see in the clip above, in typical Warriors fashion, more shots in the dark went in then didn’t. Kevin Durant was already done with his shootaround routine before the lights went out, but he wouldn’t have had a problem practicing with the lights out anyway. “I’ve shot in the dark plenty of times before.” Durant said.

Miami Heat veteran forward Udonis Haslem said it best after finding out that his opponents on Sunday night had to practice in the dark. “The way they shoot, I don’t think it matters.” Well said, Udonis. Well said.