Sometimes Gregg Popovich Leaves Boris Diaw In During Blowouts So He’ll Lose Weight

Boris Diaw is a character. From the espresso machine in his locker, to a desire to explore space, the San Antonio Spurs reserve forward is an odd duck among the hard-working Spurs squad.

Sports Illustrated recently did a profile with Diaw where they talked about his hilarious relationship with Coach Greg Popovich.

They both reportedly have a friendly ongoing battle regarding Diaw’s weight, something Popovich has mentioned more than once before, with Diaw responding in kind.

“Sometimes we’re up 30,” Diaw says, “and he’s like, ‘I’m just going to leave you on the court so you can lose some weight.'”

Diaw jokingly said he gets more playing time this way. But maybe that’s not a bad strategy — whatever it takes for some court time on an evenly distributed Spurs team that goes 10- and sometimes 11-deep, even in the playoffs.

I wonder where Diaw is gaining and losing all this weight from? He’s cut down on the boatload of fish he once ate and espresso only has 9 calories. Maybe he needs to try the Kyle Lowry diet, he seems to have kept off the weight. But would Diaw get that precious garbage time at the end of blow out games? I imagine this is a real dilemma.

In their profile, Diaw also explores the finest coffee in each NBA city and how he created a whole magazine to document the 2014 French National team. Maybe someone can ask Diaw what the coffee is like in Oklahoma City when they face off for Game 3 tonight.

(Sports Illustrated)