The Hawks And Blazers Found Delightfully Quirky Ways To Announce Their Schedules For The Coming Season

08.10.18 6 months ago

Getty Image

The NBA and all of its offseason machinations has officially reached the midsummer doldrums. With free agency, the draft, summer league, and even the USA Basketball mini-camp all behind us, the news cycle is grinding to a halt. And hoops fans are all feeling a little peaked from the lack of excitement.

Thankfully, the league, in its infinite wisdom and beneficence, still has a few savory morsels left to slip us under the table. Earlier this week, they served up the amuse bouche when they announced the schedule for next season’s marquee games on opening night, Christmas, and MLK.

But on Friday, we got the main course when they released the full schedule, which answered all sorts of burning questions regarding Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James’ returns to their respective former teams and much, much more. It was also an opportunity for each individual team to announce their schedule to their fans, and both the Hawks and the Blazers truly made the most of it.

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