The Rockets Trolled New Orleans Fans With A Saints-Rams Video After Beating The Pelicans

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The Rockets beat the Pelicans in New Orleans on Sunday evening, which isn’t all that newsworthy given the way the season has gone for both teams.

Houston is now third in the West by a full game over Portland with the 113-90 win over the Pelicans, while New Orleans drifts back to 31-44, 12th in the conference and headed for the lottery. The two teams are divisional foes, for whatever that’s worth in the NBA, and are close in proximity, which I guess has led to just enough animosity between the two for the Rockets to use the opportunity after the win to take a dig at the New Orleans’ faithful.

If there’s one thing that New Orleans sports fans are especially sensitive about, still, it’s the uncalled pass interference penalty from the NFC Championship game against the Rams that could have sealed a win for the Saints. Instead, they lost in overtime and have spent the last few months expressing their anger with NFL officials in various ways.

To celebrate the win, Houston decided to doctor up the video of that fateful no-call just to rub their win in even further.

Some NBA Twitter accounts are more antagonistic than others, but this is a level of spice rarely seen from a team account. The Pelicans account, unsurprisingly, wasn’t appreciative of the low blow.

While an unsurprising win, it was an important one for the Rockets, who clinched a playoff berth with the victory, but thanks to their Twitter account they’re also now a little more hated in the Big Easy.