Shaq And Ernie Johnson Went Head-To-Head With Charles Barkley And Kenny Smith In The Whisper Challenge

It’s not unusual for the best moments during an Inside the NBA broadcast to have nothing to do with basketball. That was the case on Tuesday evening, as the quartet were split in half and went head-to-head in the whisper challenge. This comes on the heels of a video involving a pair of Orlando Magic players, Cole Anthony and Mo Bamba, playing it and doing horrifically.

As you can see, real bad. Bamba tried but Anthony really struggled reading lips, which, it’s not easy so that is totally fine. Having said that, everyone on the Inside crew — which was broken up into a team of Shaquille O’Neal and Ernie Johnson going against Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith — is quite good at this. As a result, we had a pretty competitive game, with Ernie and Kenny reading out the clues to Shaq and Chuck. There were lists of 10 phrases and 60 seconds on the clock, here’s how it went:

A whole lot of credit goes to Ernie, who stayed laser-focused on reading out his messages while Kenny took a little time to celebrate in between these, thereby costing his team valuable time. Of course, it did not help that there was no way on God’s green earth that Chuck was going to say the phrase “Roll Tide,” so his team had something of a ceiling on how well they could do the entire time. Anyway, congrats to the winners.