J.R. Smith Is Now Selling Arthur’s Fist Hats As The Cavs Go Meme Crazy

Getty Image

A 16-month old meme is devouring the Cleveland Cavaliers whole.

Less than a fortnight after LeBron James brought out the Arthur’s Fist meme to express his general displeasure with something — some think it was either the Cavs’ start to the season and the rise of the Boston Celtics — the players have found a way to monetize it.

If you’re catching up here, James posted to Instagram a picture of the aardvark’s fist with the caption “Mood…” He later said that he just likes the children’s cartoon, and said he’s always been in that “mood” with another post later in the week.

But after a comeback win over the New York Knicks on Monday, J.R. Smith and a few other Cavs players posted smiling pictures of Arthur to their social media accounts. And now it appears that Smith is selling Arthur’s Fist hats on his website, which he advertised on his Instagram account on Thursday night.

Smith’s caption for the photo of three Arthur’s Fist hats just said “TeamSwish.com,” which is Smith’s website. There, in his official store next to some slickly-logo’d shorts and shirts, is the Arthur “dad hats”‘ for sale.

The hats were $40 and appear to come in tan, red and white. But they sold out just minutes after he linked to them on Instagram, so you’ll have to find some other Arthur swag if you want to join in on the fun.