Kelly Oubre Jr. Is The Latest Athlete To Speak Up About His Mental Health Struggles

03.07.18 12 months ago

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DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Love have both made headlines recently for speaking out on a topic that has remained taboo for far too long.

In an interview with the Toronto Star last week, DeRozan revealed that he struggles with depression and anxiety, and his honesty subsequently inspired Love to make a similar revelation in a candid essay for the Players Tribune on Tuesday. DeRozan says he hopes his comments help make it easier for others to come forward, and it already appears to have started something of a chain reaction.

Wizards swingman Kelly Oubre Jr. became the latest NBA player to open up his mental health issues. The promising young wing spoke candidly on the latest episode of the Wizards Tipoff Podcast about his battles and learning that it’s OK to talk about those things and show your weakness when going through troubled times.

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