Kevin Durant Reportedly Wouldn’t Agree To A Sign-And-Trade Initially Because It Wasn’t ‘A Fair Deal’

07.11.19 1 week ago

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After a few relatively quiet summers, this NBA offseason was nothing short of insane. It started with Anthony Davis being traded to the Lakers, and following that were a whole host of draft night trades, massive changes to the league’s power structure by way of free agency, and the return of the sign-and-trade to our lives.

The new CBA had instituted a rule where teams that acquired players in sign-and-trade deals would be hard-capped, which effectively made them less palatable and for a few years they became a rarity. That is until this summer where a number of teams decided to take that penalty (and there are rumblings that some teams actually embraced the hard cap because it gives them an excuse to not spend any more money above the apron).

Among the numerous players that found new homes via sign-and-trade was Kevin Durant, who decided to sign with Brooklyn to join his friend Kyrie Irving with the Nets. As the opening night of free agency wore on, it became clear that Durant wouldn’t just be signing with the Nets, but that instead he would go there in a double sign-and-trade, with the Warriors acquiring D’Angelo Russell on a max deal. It was a somewhat bizarre trade, with many immediately questioning Russell’s fit in Golden State, but it also apparently took some convincing for Durant to agree to the deal.

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