Kevin Garnett Dropped A ‘Mother F-Bomb’ During TNT’s Live ‘Inside The NBA’ Broadcast

The moment we heard that Kevin Garnett would be joining the crew of TNT’s Inside the NBA to host his own segment, we knew that we were going to witness something special. And by something special I mean it was only a matter of time before he shouted, “You gonna dab on that mother*cker?!” on live television, and leave Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith sighing like they should’ve known better. Of course, this wasn’t the first time that he’s cursed on live TV since joining TNT, but they might want to consider throwing water balloons at him or something when he commits an offense. (Let’s hope they don’t. It’s too much fun.)

Garnett’s whoopsie occurs around the 3:27 mark in the above video, and it’s made even greater by the fact that the studio crew was praising/mocking poor Joe “Underdog” Underhill when the camera just happened to catch Garnett dropping the mother F-bomb. The shifting of gears is particularly hilarious, as it’s like Garnett popped a huge balloon and we’re just listening as all the air escapes. And the air is being filtered through the world’s largest slide whistle.

Seriously, Garnett’s new gig with the Clippers better not keep him off of Inside the NBA that much. It would be a shame to lose these incredible moments.