Kevin Love Admits LeBron James’ Free Agency ‘Definitely Could’ Impact The Cavaliers In The Playoffs

04.14.18 10 months ago

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The start of the NBA postseason means two major things for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The first is mostly ceremonial: LeBron James will begin his now-annual social media blackout for the remainder of the playoffs. The second thing, though, is much more interesting: LeBronWatch is officially on.

Once the Cavaliers are done in the postseason, all that remains is where James decides to play next. And while there is an entire postseason to decide before that, it’s hard not to think of his free agent decisions as anything other than looming large. Even one of James’ teammates admits that it’s hard not to think about the upcoming decision.

Kevin Love spoke to ESPN before the playoffs started and admitted that James’ pending free agency “definitely could” impact what happens in the playoffs, though he also made it clear that he has his own lingering thoughts about the future.

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