Kristaps Porzingis Was Left Bloodied After Being Jumped At A Club In Latvia

Getty Image

Kristaps Porzingis has not played a minute for the Dallas Mavericks yet, but the team has now twice had to launch an investigation into the former Knicks star’s off-court dealings.

The first involved horrific rape allegations against Porzingis while he was with the Knicks, a case which remains ongoing as Porzingis’ attorney released a statement denying the allegations and claiming it’s an extortion effort. On Sunday, it was revealed Porzingis was involved in an altercation in a club back home in Latvia, which the Mavs are now investigating, under the assumption that he was attacked.

Video of the aftermath of the fight appears to show a bloodied Porzingis being held back from a group of people off screen.

Based on the initial information gathered by the Mavs and media reports, this wasn’t an instance of Porzingis instigating an altercation, but instead him being attacked and fighting back. TMZ reported he was confronted by a group of Russians who were upset about his trade from the Knicks to the Mavs, but those details have not been confirmed by other sources yet.

There will surely be updates on the altercation to come, but for now, it appears he avoided any serious injuries or legal troubles.