Kyrie Irving’s New Undertaker-Inspired Shirt Is The Cavs’ Latest Nod To The WWE

One of the many, many headlines LeBron James made after leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first championship in franchise history was about a T-shirt. As he emerged from his team’s championship charter plane in Cleveland, The King was spotted donning an “Ultimate Warrior” shirt – which apparently wasn’t a shot at the team the Cavaliers had just dispatched in the Finals, but simply a coincidence given his limited available wardrobe and affinity for professional wrestling.

We’re still dubious about the timing of James’ fashion sense. What’s a bit more clear, though, is that Kyrie Irving’s new wrestling-influenced T-shirt isn’t owed to any happenstance whatsoever. Check out the video above.

Yes, that’s the Game 7 hero wearing a likeness of himself in robes and a black hat with “The Ankletaker” inscribed directly under it in suspiciously familiar font. Can you guess where that inspiration comes from? For reference, consider the shirt James wore at practice before Game 5 of the Finals.

Irving and James aren’t the only defending champions who love pro wrestling, either. The third member of Cleveland’s Big Three, Kevin Love, rocked an “Austin 3:16” gem while celebrating in the locker room immediately after Game 7.

If you’re a wrestling fan who wants to begin following the NBA, then, the Cavaliers are obviously a good place to start – and not just because James is arguably the greatest player of all time.