Here’s How You Can Watch LaMelo And LiAngelo Ball’s Lithuanian Debut

01.09.18 4 months ago

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LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball make their Lithuanian basketball debut on Tuesday, finally suiting up for BC Vytautas in a game against BC Žalgiris. If you’re curious to see the Balls in action, there’s a way you can watch the whole game on Facebook.

Ball is Life will broadcast the game at 1:30 p.m. ET as part of its weekly high school showcase because, after all, LaMelo is still supposed to be in high school. The Ball family’s time in Lithuania has already been eventful, with a wild press conference setting the scene for LiAngelo and LaMelo to actually play basketball this week.

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Balls these days. LaVar Ball continues to make waves with the Lakers, claiming his son Lonzo isn’t being coached right by Luke Walton. It’s caused quite a stir about not just what a player’s father should say about his coach, but how much attention the larger media should pay to LaVar.

The same, however, could be asked about LaVar’s quest to get his two sons more playing time and create a workaround for athletes trying to avoid the NCAA’s rules and regulations. Lithuania welcomed the family with open arms, adding to the spectacle. And people genuinely seem excited to see what the Balls can do.

The point is that people are paying attention to the Balls, and that demand means people will continue to cover what they say and give you options to see the Balls play overseas. Whether you watch is up to you, but the option is there.

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