LaVar Ball Tried To Silence Big Baller Brand’s Critics With His Incomparable Bravado

Finally, LaVar Ball has spoken. After a number of people made fun of Big Baller Brand for the release of the company’s first sneaker, Ball took to Twitter to call out his haters.

Big Baller Brand, the company that Ball owns, unveiled the ZO2 Prime. It’s the official sneaker for Lonzo Ball, which is fine, even if some people made fun of them.

The big point of contention was the price tag. The ZO2 Primes are selling for an outrageous $495, which has garnered negative reactions from people like Stephon Marbury and Shaquille O’Neal, both of whom have their own lines of sneakers that strive to be affordable. Still, there are others – like Chad Johnson and Arian Foster – who have supported the family by purchasing these shoes.

LaVar is known for being a provocateur, as evidenced by essentially everything he has said since Lonzo started to establish himself as a top pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. By this point, the line has been blurred between whether he sincerely believes everything he says or whether he is trying to just stir up publicity for his family.

Plenty of people think it’s the former, but as he’s seen more and more of the spotlight, it’s felt like he’s 100 percent genuine in just about everything he says. So when he sends out a tweet like the one from this evening, the best approach is to probably assume that he truly believes you are not a Big Baller if you cannot spend $495 on a pair of sneakers.