Cavs Fans Responded To The Sixers Fans Who Made LeBron James Billboards With One Of Their Own

03.01.18 1 year ago

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Everyone but LeBron James is talking about where he’s heading should he choose to hit free agency this summer, but there’s plenty of chatter to go around. Understandably, almost any NBA fan would be interested in having him join their team.

That includes some fans from Philadelphia, who purchased a billboard this week in Cleveland imploring James to join the Sixers this summer. The billboard wasn’t put up by the team, because that is almost certainly extremely against the rules, but rather some ambitious people with money to spend.

James said it was “dope” that Sixers fans would want him to come there, but he’s not talking about his plans until this summer. On Thursday, however, a billboard popped up in Cleveland that responded to the initial one in Philadelphia.

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