LeBron James Talked About Draymond Green And His Hairline On ‘Road Trippin’

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LeBron James is making the most of his offseason. He shaved his head, exchanged jokes with Draymond Green and talked about doing both on the first ‘Road Trippin’ podcast of the offseason. James joined Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye on Friday to talk about the Warriors and joke about LeBron’s bald head.

James joins the podcast about midway through, and they almost immediately make a “that’s what she said” joke, a reference to LeBron’s response to Draymond Green’s championship parade shirt that had the internet buzzing on Thursday.

But when asked about venturing back online after the Finals, LeBron dismissed the impact the Internet can have on him.

“My filter game right now RJ is so crazy I don’t even know,” James said. “I don’t even see the negative stuff. I don’t even see the positive stuff because it doesn’t even intrigue me anymore.”

They tried to make it clear that the sniping between LeBron and Draymond Green was all in good fun.

“It’s all good,” LeBron said. “It’s absolutely all good.”

Also, Rachel Nichols is right about the best line of the episode.

James talked about his decision to go bald, saying it wasn’t Golden State that finally made him decide to embrace his receding hairline.