LeBron James Rewarded A Young Fan Who Held A ‘You Are More Than An Athlete’ Sign

03.14.18 11 months ago

LeBron James has found himself as one of the faces of the discussion regarding the role athletes play in public discourse. James has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, to the point that a Fox News host told him to simply “shut up and dribble.” He’s responded a few times to this, and has even earned the praise of NBA commissioner Adam Silver for his response to the situation.

On Tuesday night, James got to see the other side of the equation during Cleveland’s game against Phoenix. A young fan who was sitting courtside wanted to encourage James to keep using his platform to promote social change, so he made a sign saying “You are more than an athlete. #NeverShutUp.”

James thought this was a really nice gesture, and decided to respond with his own showing of kindness. During a time out, James took off the shooting sleeve he was wearing and handed it off to a security guard, who walked it over to the young fan. James, once the gift was given, then gave a thumbs up.

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