Lonzo Ball May Have Brought Back His Nas Feud With The Hoodie He Wore To Madison Square Garden

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12.12.17 10 Comments

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The Ball family has been involved in some high-profile feuds over the last few months. While the one involving LaVar Ball and Donald Trump was easily the most prominent, the most interesting one involving Lonzo Ball was undoubtedly the one between himself and Nas. It stemmed from the Lakers’ point guard saying that nobody listens to Nas anymore, which opened a gigantic can of worms for Ball.

Nas’ agent took to Twitter to call Ball “oatmeal face.” Lil B got involved, saying that he was “a few seconds away” from putting the dreaded Based God’s curse on Ball because Nas is “always relevant.” And just as it looks like things were settling down, Ball posted a picture that featured his agent wearing a t-shirt that included the art for Nas’ “It Was Written.”

Things did up getting quiet, though. That was until Tuesday night, when the Lakers went to Madison Square Garden to take on the Knicks. Ball wore a white hoodie with the same artwork that his agent wore on his shirt a few months ago.

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