The Lakers Held A Meeting With LaVar Ball With The Hopes That He Will Tone Down His Behavior

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LaVar Ball has officially upset the Los Angeles Lakers’ bosses, which has led to everyone sitting down to talk things through. According to a report by Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka called a meeting involving the Lakers’ front office and the father of starting point guard Lonzo Ball sometime within the last few weeks.

As you can guess, Shelburne reported the meeting had to do with Ball’s behavior, namely with his eagerness to criticize Luke Walton and the Laker coaching staff. Recently, Ball has said the staff is “soft,” does not know how to coach his son, called a time out that cost the Lakers a win, and criticized their decision to let him rest at the start of fourth quarters.

Shelburne wrote that the intent of the meeting was for Ball to be involved in creating “a more positive atmosphere around his son,” and that “the main message to Ball was that they’ve tried to keep their relationship positive, while still allowing him to speak his mind, and they’d prefer he did the same.”

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