Five Reasons To Keep Watching The 2017 NBA Finals Despite The Blowouts

06.07.17 1 year ago

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Through two games, these NBA Finals have not offered us a respite from the rampant blowouts that have plagued these 2017 NBA playoffs. Instead, they have offered a crushing reminder of how wide the gap is between the Warriors and the rest of the NBA. Kevin Durant has been sublime, Steph Curry has been almost equally as good, and the Cavaliers have not been able to be competitive for more than two quarters in a game.

I know some fans are thinking that there’s little reason to watch anymore. There’s an inevitability to what we’re watching, and, yes, while Golden State went up 2-0 last year as well and the Cavs came back to win, it’s hard to imagine another miraculous comeback happening. This Warriors team appears to be both a more dangerous team with Kevin Durant playing the way he is and a more motivated team because of that blown 3-1 lead. So, the question is, why are we all still watching?

This isn’t a question for fans of the two teams, but for the casual fan of the NBA without a dog in the fight, there is some question as to whether it’s worth investing another six hours in watching a series that has been competitive for 36 of the 96 minutes so far. I’m here to offer some reasons to keep watching the NBA Finals. It might not be competitive, but I’m sure we can find something to make the rest of this series — whether two games or more — entertaining for everyone.

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