NBA Players Stood In Solidarity With Those Participating In The March For Our Lives

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Saturday was a big day across the United States, as citizens took to the streets nationwide to participate in the March For Our Lives. The images of people rallying against gun violence and demanding change was powerful, and while these demonstrations were taking place, people associated with the NBA made it a point to take to social media and offer up their support.

The most notable example of this came from Dwyane Wade, who along with Gabrielle Union previously pledged $200,000 for the March. Wade had visited Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where the Parkland mass shooting took place, in the past, and one of the victims in the shooting was buried in his jersey.

LeBron James joined his friend in tweeting his support, saying he was happy to see a “REAL impact” being made.

Bill Russell decided to get in on the fun, making it a point to say he stood with those who were taking to the streets.

Included in those in the streets was Jeanie Buss, who made a sign for the march in Los Angeles.

Steve Kerr decided to offer up encouragement and stress that “democracy will win.”

A number of other current and former players joined in on offering up kind words of support, too.

In addition to these public displays of support, one NBA player made it a point to help students participate in the demonstration in Washington, D.C. Thunder forward Carmelo Anthony told members of the press on Saturday afternoon that he helped organize a collection of busses so 4,500 Baltimore-area students could head to the nation’s capital.