Here’s The NBA’s Schedule For The 2020 Eastern And Western Conference Finals

One of the NBA’s conference finals are set, while the other could possibly be all sorted out in the next few days. In the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat made quick work of the Milwaukee Bucks in five, while the Boston Celtics knocked off the Toronto Raptors after a thrilling seven-game series. Out West, the Los Angeles teams are in pole position, with the Lakers hoping to finish things off against the Houston Rockets during Saturday’s Game 5 and the Clippers will look to do the same against the Denver Nuggets during Game 6 on Sunday.

The fact that the Western Conference is still a bit fluid means we don’t know for sure what the conference finals will look like. That has the schedule for everything a bit up in the air, but we have a pretty good idea of how things can shake out. As such, following Friday’s slate of games, the league announced how things will work for the next round of games.

While both of the Los Angeles teams would certainly like to avoid their respective series going to a Game 7, we’re still a ways away from those. Should the Nuggets force one against the Clippers, that would occur on Tuesday, Sept. 15. The Rockets, meanwhile, would hope to take the Lakers to one on Wed., Sept. 16.