Nikola Mirotic Accepts Bobby Portis’ Apology And Won’t Comment On Alleged Trade Request

11.29.17 2 years ago

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The Nikola Mirotic-Bobby Portis saga may finally have reached its an end. “May” being an optimal word there.

The two Bulls teammates got in a preseason fight at practice that left Mirotic with a concussion and facial fractures and Portis with an 8-game suspension. There were, understandably, considerable tensions between the two in the aftermath of the incident, with Mirotic refusing to respond to Portis’ efforts to reach out to him.

Portis has since returned to the floor and has been one of the few bright spots for Chicago in an otherwise dismal (but expected) start to the season. Mirotic, on the other hand, recently returned to the Bulls’ facility and is just getting back to being with the team on the bench. Early on in Mirotic’s return, he was still not speaking with Portis. Mirotic’s camp reportedly requested a trade from Chicago, although the Bulls can’t acquiesce such a request until January, and the Bulls’ roster allegedly prefers Portis of the two.

In short, things have not been good in the Windy City. However, it appears the tide may be turning, at least outwardly, in the relationship between the two as Mirotic told reporters on Wednesday he had accepted Portis’ apology and would continue to be a good teammate and support Portis and the rest of the team.

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