P.J. Tucker Wore The Ridiculously Rare Oregon ‘Duckman’ Jordan 5s In Game 2

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P.J. Tucker is the reigning sneaker champ of the NBA, and on Wednesday night, he made sure everyone knew just how far above the rest he is for Game 2 of Rockets-Jazz. He’s told some stories about having Jordans that even Michael Jordan himself has asked how and where he got them, and he has an ongoing battle with teammate Chris Paul over rare Jordans.

Tucker has worn some crazy sneakers this postseason, most notably Travis Scott’s “Cactus Jack” Jordan 4s that no one had even seen when he debuted them in the first round. While those were wild, what he broke out on Wednesday might have been even more ridiculous as he dusted off some of the rarest Jordans on the planet.

The Rockets forward took the court in the Oregon “Duckman” Jordan 5s, which are some of the hardest sneakers to find, and he not only has a pair but decided to rock them in an NBA game.

For context, you can’t even find these on sites that specialize in rare Jordans, as Flight Club, StockX, and others don’t even have any in stock. Over on Rare Pair New York they still have the page up for the “Duckmans” even though they too are sold out, and the price tag on them is an absurd $13,500.

Also, anyone wondering why they’re called the “Duckman” 5s, that’s because on the back of them they feature the Oregon Duck in the famed Jumpman silhouette pose.

They are an amazing pair of sneakers, and once again, Tucker wowed everyone with what he was willing to wear on the NBA court. At the half, Tucker made a change into some different red sneakers (maybe Jordan 10s, it’s tough to see just from TV) after the Rockets fell behind by nine going into halftime.