Shareef O’Neal Cited ‘Current Events’ As His Reason For Decommitting From Arizona Basketball

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Arizona is already feeling the impact of allegations that head coach Sean Miller was recorded discussing payment for a player to join the Wildcats. Miller won’t coach on Saturday as the fallout from the explosive report continues, and now it seems they’ve lost a major commit because of the “current events.”

Shareef O’Neal tweeted on Saturday that he’s decided to decommit from Arizona. Shaq’s son said via his Twitter account that, while he appreciated Miller and the Arizona basketball program, he is opening himself up to other opportunities in college basketball.

O’Neal tweeted that he wants to make sure he’ll play in the NCAA next year, which is suddenly uncertain at Arizona given the severity of the allegations against Miller and the program.

Hours earlier, O’Neal tweeted some cryptic things about “big things coming soon,” though perhaps they were unrelated to his sudden announcement. Regardless, it’s not a good sign for Arizona hoops.

The hubbub stems from a report that Miller was caught, via a wiretap, discussing a $100,000 payment for current Wildcats star Deandre Ayton. The situation is part of a much larger FBI investigation into cheating in college basketball, bringing to light a seedy underbelly many feel has been an open secret in college sports for decades.

Arizona’s troubles here are multiplying if recruits reconsider their standing with the university, and the bad news is coming fast for Wildcats fans these days. If it’s any comfort, the news might keep coming for other schools soon, as it doesn’t appear this is getting any better for programs throughout the sport.