Michael Jordan’s Daughter Bit On Skip Bayless’ Latest Boring Effort To Determine The GOAT

Skip Bayless shouts a lot of things into the air, and this year, he’s managed to force Shannon Sharpe into having to listen to some of them. But we don’t have to listen to him, or even give him any attention. That’s what makes this tweet from Michael Jordan’s daughter Jasmine so frustrating. JASMINE, DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!

Now, we get it. Sometimes, a tweet is just so dumb or, in the case of Bayless, relies on a point that’s been said over and over and over again. It can be so tempting to just lash out in the hopes that it’ll stop. But Jasmine, you’re never going to shut Skip Bayless up. That man has somehow stumbled onto a golden ticket of a career path, where major sports networks pay him millions of dollars to yell on TV during shows that nobody watches. Far as he can tell, his yelling is actually valued, so he’ll keep doing it.

What you should really keep doing is talking trash to the kids of other major stars, like you did with Gary Payton’s son. You could create an NBA version of Suri’s Burn Book, where you start ragging on the children of anyone who is deemed to come close to surpassing MJ’s legacy.

Who knows, maybe some of that Bayless shout-money can start finding it’s way to you! I know we’d rather watch you talk trash to LeBron’s kids than watch Skip Bayless do it and we can’t be the only ones.