Sly Stallone Looks Like A Lawn Gnome Standing Between This Pair Of Pistons Seven-Footers

Sylvester Stallone decided to pose for a photo with Andre Drummond and Bojan Marjanovic of the Detroit Pistons. The result is the amusing photo seen above, with the tiny Stallone holding up in between Drummond at seven feet tall and Marjanovic at seven foot, three inches. While the action star is far from the shortest at five feet, ten inches — that honor would likely go to Tom Cruise — it does put his battles over the years into perspective.

Dolph Lundgren stands a little under six and half feet tall, which translates over to his portrayal of Ivan Drago since we do the same for every other Rocky villain — even the dearly departed Tommy Morrison. That means that Stallone’s boast that he thinks he could take these two might not be too far off, especially when you toss in his defeat of Thunderlips. Drago and Lips were likely pretty juiced back during this period, while Stallone/Rocky was inspired by the American spirit. There’s also something to say about how that might’ve rubbed off on Thunderlips/Hulk Hogan and that’s why we have Hulkamania.

It’s all there to ponder for another time. For now, just awe that the guy in the middle of that image managed to end the Cold War with his fists, travel back and win the Vietnam War after we had given up, and traveled to the future to defeat a tax drunk Wesley Snipes from ruining society. It is impressive.

(Via Sylvester Stallone / Mediaite)