A’ja Wilson And The WNBA Are Calling Out An ‘SNL’ Skit From This Past Weekend That They Think Is ‘Trash’

03.11.19 6 months ago


Not every skit on Saturday Night Live is a winner, and one that aired on Saturday has drawn plenty of ire from sports fans and athletes alike. The most recent episode of SNL saw Idris Elba host the sketch show, and one skit took aim at the differences between the NBA and WNBA.

Elba starred in the sketch along with Keenan Thompson and Chris Redd — three men dressed up in 70s-style clothes and looking to hook up with WNBA players. The “Gold Diggers Of The WNBA” sketch tries to invert some of the traditional gender roles of a stereotypical situation like this, presumably women trying to meet highly-paid athletes and reap the benefits of their wealth.

The “joke” here, though, is that the highest paid WNBA players pale in comparison to the big contracts their male counterparts get in the NBA. This isn’t news — even players in the NBA’s esports league make more money on average than WNBA players. But here, that disparity — and the luxuries a WNBA salary is perceived to afford its stars — is played up for laughs about mid-sized sedans and stainless steel appliances.

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