Stephen Jackson Brought A Globe To NBA All-Star Media Day To Troll Kyrie Irving

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Feb. 17 is a big day in the basketball world. The obvious reason for this is that it’s Michael Jordan‘s birthday, but the more under the radar reason why it’s such a big deal is that it was the day in 2017 when Kyrie Irving let everyone know he believes the earth is flat.

The last year has featured a whole lot of people disagreeing with Irving for his public stance, which he came to after watching a bunch of videos on Instagram. Through it all, Irving has been steadfast, to the point that he actually made Bill Nye the Science Guy mad.

The best piece of Irving-related trolling came on Saturday during the NBA All-Star media day. Irving was meeting with the press when Stephen Jackson sauntered through the crowd with a globe and started spinning it around.

“I got a question right quick,” Jackson said as he spun the globe. “Lemme get this question and I’ll get out your way. You see this, right?”

Irving had a good sense of humor about the entire thing, but when Jackson asked if he could get him to autograph the globe, he was a little hesitant. He eventually said he would, but it didn’t want to do it publicly.

“Could we do that off camera?” Irving asked. “I appreciate you, Stak.”

Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether Jackson was able to get Irving’s autograph on this globe, but give him credit: This joke definitely did not fall, well, flat.