Steve Kerr Says This Year’s Warriors Are ‘The Deepest Team We’ll Probably Ever Have’

10.11.17 5 months ago

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This NBA offseason has been one of the wildest in recent memory. Chris Paul left the Clippers to join up with James Harden in Houston, and the Thunder pulled off two major coups when they landed Paul George for pennies on the dollar, then somehow managed to sneak in under the radar and nab Carmelo Anthony from the Knicks.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers reloaded their roster as well. They got great value in return for a disgruntled Kyrie Irving when they swapped him out for Isaiah Thomas, and they also pulled Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade off the scrap heap to help buttress their second unit.

All of this, of course, amounted to little more than reactionary tactics in response to the team in Golden State that still stands head and shoulders above the rest. The Warriors have been blessed with an embarrassment of riches all across the board, and it’s a fact that’s not lost on head coach Steve Kerr.

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