Cavs Fans Are Throwing Tristan Thompson A Parade For Allegedly Punching Draymond Green

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Tristan Thompson and Draymond Green aren’t exactly the best of friends, as the Cavs center and Warriors do-everything big man have had their share of battles on the court over the years in four straight NBA Finals.

After the Warriors swept the Cavs in the 2018 Finals, Draymond had some less than nice things to say to Tristan, refusing to shake his hand after the final buzzer sounded in Cleveland. Green brought up that interaction at the Warriors’ championship parade, proving that it was far from a “heat of the moment” deal for Draymond and that there is genuinely some dislike, at the least, between the two.

Over ESPY’s weekend in Los Angeles, the two got into an altercation at a party and it required LeBron James and Kevin Durant to step in to break things up after Thompson punched (or “face mushed,” depending on the account) Green. There have been various accounts of what transpired to lead to Thompson snapping, with some saying he instigated after Green attempted to calm tensions between them. However, Pablo Torre of ESPN relayed a different (and to be honest much more believable) account on Wednesday’s High Noon from sources that were close to the situation.

Whatever the case may be, clocking Draymond is something many Cleveland fans (and even Charles Barkley) have dreamt of doing, so this has made Thompson something of a folk here to Cavs fans. That has led to Cavs fans deciding to throw a parade for Thompson, with a Facebook event popping up that has nearly 3,000 “going” and 12,000 “interested” in the Oct. 13 event at The Q.

The details are, as follows:

Parade in Cleveland on October 13th (Tristan’s number) at 3:10 p.m. (For obvious reasons). We would all like to punch Draymond in the face, so we need to celebrate someone who (probably) did! Bring canned goods I guess. Go Cavs.

It’s pretty straight forward, and now that LeBron is out of town this is likely the only time Cleveland fans will get the chance to throw a parade any time soon so they absolutely should enjoy it — that is, unless the Browns go 0-16 again.