Batman Went Full Frontal In A New Comic That’s Since Been Censored Online

DC Comics

Batman and Batman fans have been through the proverbial ringer the last few years. There’s the post-Christopher Nolan Batman movies, where our hero is played by Ben Affleck as a self-hating droop and psycho who actually kills people. Which Batman’s done before, of course, but rarely wish such relish.
We’re not even sure if Affleck is Bruce Wayne anymore, honestly. It’s all been kind of weird. But the bad streak ends here: In a new comic, we get to see Batman’s junk.

It was that caught the Bruce Wayne wang, which can be spotted in the new Batman: Damned #1. The issue — in which our hero suffers memory loss and wonders if it was he who killed the newly deceased Joker — features two firsts: a very clear shot of the Caped Crusader’s bare butt, followed by a shadowy, almost imperceptible image of his Malcolm Gladwell.

The billionaire crime fighter’s manhood has since been censored from the online version, though readers with a hard copy of the comic have judiciously placed it online. (You can look at the NSFW schlong here, if you dare.)

As The A.V. Club, who caught’s post, points out, this isn’t, as they put it, “canonical d*ck.” The Damned line is part of DC’s new “Black Label,” which is aimed at mature readers who appreciate stories about rich people dressing up like winged mammals as much as they do equal opportunity nudity. That means Batman hasn’t officially dropped trou — which is a shame given that Affleck proved he was down with that in Gone Girl.

(Via and The A.V. Club)