Netflix Will Expand Its Gaming Content While Hoping To Become Price ‘Agnostic’ In The Coming Years

Netflix recently announced that it would be focusing more on “premium long-form content” which probably means we won’t get any more of those niche baking shows everyone is always gabbing about, and instead we’ll have to endure a Stranger Things spinoff or two. With some new content, the streamer is also going to expand its focus on local content, documentaries, and gaming.

While speaking at a conference this week, Netflix Co-CEO Greg Peters said that the company is looking to expand its gaming platform, which is currently available on mobile phones and soon on all other devices. “We’re excited about the performance that we’ve got in mobile, releasing more and more games, and we see every month our engagement goes up in that regard. But we have aspirations to go beyond that,” he said.

Earlier this year, Netflix announced that it would introduce a whopping 40 new games to the streamer, so you don’t have to go out and buy one of those overrated Playstions or whatever.

In addition to the games and local programming, Peters says that the next goal is for Netflix to eventually be price agnostic AKA there will be no default price-tier that the company encourages. As of right now, Netflix offers both premium and standard tiers, along with an ad-supported subscription. And he doesn’t care which one you use!

“I don’t want to be in the position where we’re steering people outside of that context into one place or another because I think that ultimately won’t serve the business well and will hurt us with users,” Peters said. Somebody give the man some money so he can pay Aaron Paul.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)