Animal Lover Nic Cage Has His Own ‘Reptile Manager’ To Help Keep His Exotic Pets In Line

Nicolas Cage has always been an animal lover, and he has often talked about his wonderful relationships with all of his little pets. Even his crow, who is a known bully. But not every pet loves their owner. Cage has done some questionable things with his pets (like the one time he took shrooms in solidarity with his cat) so it was inevitable that one of them would try to get away.

Earlier this year, Cage starred in Sympathy for the Devil alongside Joel Kinnaman, who got a first-hand look at what it’s like to be starring with Nic Cage in a film. It seems to involve a lot of animal wrangling.

“I knocked on his door, and when he opened it, he had pink hair,” Kinnaman told The Hollywood Reporter. “And he was like, ‘My wildcat f*cking ran away for the third time,’ So it just carried on from there,” Kinnaman said in his best Cage voice. He did not reveal if the wildcat came back, or if the third time was a charm for the little guy, and we will likely never know. Maybe he just really did not want to eat magic mushrooms.

Kinnaman continued, “I then got a tour of his house, and he was like, ‘That’s my reptile manager,'” Kinnaman said, offering no explanation of what a “reptile manager” is. Maybe Cage needs a Cat Wrangler next?! Kinnaman then confirmed what we already know: Cage is a professional. “We went down to the basement to rehearse for the first time, and he was completely off-book on the entire script. He’d already spent countless hours working on the script to get to a point where he knew it by heart on the first day of rehearsal,” he added.

Even though he’s good at memorizing lines, perhaps when Cage is done with his little acting gig he can open up his own animal sanctuary. We know he’s great with pigs.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)