Sydney Sweeney Was Completely Unfazed On ‘Hot Ones’ — Until She Tried One Hot Sauce

Sydney Sweeney talked a big game on Hot Ones. And paid the price.

“I think I psyched myself too high, and I’m good,” the Euphoria and Anyone But You star said after her first hot sauce taste test on the First We Feast web series. Sweeney was also fine after the second (“That’s not spicy”), third (“Not spicy at all”), and fourth (“I’m really impressing myself right now”) sauces. By the fifth, she was practically bragging. “Interesting choice,” she said before taunting host Sean Evans. After hot sauce #7, Sweeney wondered out loud when she’s “supposed to taste the spice.”

Then came Da Bomb Beyond Insanity.

“Pretty good,” she said after trying the hot sauce. “I mean, I feel tingly on my lips. That one might have an after effect.” It sure did. Before long, Sweeney kept saying “wow” and looked increasingly uncomfortable. “Why is this happening?” Evans tried to talk to her about movie theater snacks, or whatever, but Sweeney couldn’t focus on anything but her hot sauce-caused misery. “Oh my god,” she said while wiping the tears (and snot) off her face with a napkin. “I think they all just waited to kick in all at the same time.”

But Sweeney soldiered on to try “the hottest sauce on Hot Ones,” The Last Dab: Xperience. You can see how that went by watching the video above.