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10.03.08 35 Comments

David Zucker was once known for Naked Gun and Airplane!, but then he became a Republican and so now he does this.  Without getting too political here, the difference between left wing political humor and right wing political humor is that the left likes to pretend everyone on the right is an idiot, while the right likes to pretend everyone on the left is a commie terrorist sympathizer.  Their level of application to real life is about the same, it’s just that ha ha that guy’s an idiot jokes tend to be a lot funnier than ha ha that guy hates freedom jokes

You know what would make this better?  If when Kevin Farley showed up to Cuba, he met up with Raul Castro, and then Frank Stallone, Jim Belushi, Marlon Wayans, and all the non-Alec Baldwin brothers came. And then Charlie Murphy burst in the door and karate kicked everyone in the chest, and a dog with big floppy ears put his paws over his eyes and there was a sad trombone sound in the background. Because the dog is like a metaphor for us, you know?

Btw, when did “Sweet Home Alabama” become the Paris Hilton of songs?

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