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10.06.09 16 Comments

A five minute video from 2012 (see: ROLAND EMMERICH MASTURBATES TO CAR WRECKS) made its way around the net last week, and is already infamous for having some of the most ludicrous action ever committed to film.  Now someone has re-cut that same five minutes into an “actors only” version (which lasts a whole 1:26). I like this version because there aren’t any giant collapsing buildings or gasoline trucks being sucked into the earth to detract from John Cusack’s guttural f’ck screams.  I imagine Roland Emmerich-film acting is a lot like porno-film acting, only you don’t get to have sex, and the director has weirder fetishes.  And it’s more embarrassing to tell your family.

[Thanks to Matt for the tip]

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