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10.16.09 44 Comments

It seems like every script deal these days involves a concept that could be fully explained in a photoshop or tagline.  You think that’s ’cause people are stupider nowadays?  What was I talking about again?

Working Title paid high six figures against seven figures [that means high six figures for the script, seven figures if they make the movie] for an untitled concept comedy that Allan Loeb will write as a star vehicle for Ryan Reynolds.

Pic is described as a dude-in-drag romantic comedy, with Reynolds playing a jilted lover who must disguise himself as a woman and befriend his ex in order to win her back. [Variety]

Are you sh-tting me?  I realize the pitch was only worth that much because Ryan Reynolds was attached, but good lord, it’s not even a script yet.  He sold them on an idea that’s basically already been done better in hastily thrown-together South Park episodes.  I’ve seen better ideas in the comments section of this blog YouTube.  After this, Ryan Reynolds will have done a dressing-in-drag movie AND a fat suit movie.  All he has to do now is play a retard and a Holocaust survivor to complete Hollywood’s version of hitting for the cycle.

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