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Run, lady! It’s Nic Cage in disguise!  [Marriedtothesea via WL]

A letter from the producers to the cast of Rock of Love.  “You are all really acting like stupid sluts! Keep up the good work!” [HolyTaco]

The 18 Best Rockumentaries of All Time.  But why 18?  Same question I asked the judge. [ScreenJunkies]

Deleted scene from the Boondock Saints blu-ray.  Because, clearly, only the best scenes can make it into Boondock Saints.  Mmm, smells like Troy Duffy’s farts.  [UGO]

Corey Haim is pitching a new show or something.  It’s about how Corey Haim is a f-ckup, so it should pretty much write itself.  [YouTube]

From the guy who did Nachos the Cross-Eyed Cat comes… Covenant of the Sword.  This guy makes me want to sweep my titties on the floor. [SickAnimation]

Ode to a bear that hated Nazis. [Atom]

Uncle Sam is like The Wrestler.  And New Jersey is like Mickey Rourke’s horribly disfigured face. [FunnyorDie]

Da MTV guy punks da Oscars. [MTV]

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