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03.22.10 30 Comments

Skillet the Teddy Bear-Humping Bulldog isn’t a movie yet, but it should be.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid beat Jennifer Aniston’s The Bounty Hunter at the box office (though Alice in Wonderland beat them both).  It even got less-terrible-than-expected reviews. I’m still probably not going to see it.  If I wanted to spend time with nerdy ugly ginger kids with braces, I’d play Ultimate Frisbee. |CHUD|

Universal turns down Paul Thomas Anderson’s Scientology flick, There Will be Thetans The Master for being too expensive.  No one seems to know why it’d be budgeted as high as $35 million.  I’m hoping it involved CGI alien spirits exploding from a volcano.  IN 3D. |NYMag|

Some people released the Kraken, in meme form.  Surfing grandma approves. |Urlesque|

Death Star watermelon.

And finally, Ashley Madison (the website expressly dedicated to infidelity — really) releases some kind of Avatar parody commercial.  Uh… I think?  To be honest, all I took from this is that it’s incredibly offensive in some way I can’t quite put my finger on.

I’m not sure what the moral of the story is either. “Use our website to cheat, your fat wife with sit on you and did I mention Papyrus?” |via BestWeekEver|

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