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03.17.10 19 Comments

I didn’t get to see Four Lions when it played at Sundance, but now it has a trailer and a May 7th release date set for the U.K.  Still no release date in the U.S., and gee, I wonder why. It’s a sort of farce-ish comedy of errors about four hapless British jihadists.  A bombedy, say. It’s supposedly very funny, and I respect the director’s balls for taking this subject, but I didn’t find the trailer all that charming.  I honestly can’t tell whether it’s that I’m not ready to laugh at asshole terrorists (at least not when they’re standing around arguing about breakfast cereal), or if the comedy’s just too British.  Get it, guv?  It’s funny cuz da blokes is just standin’ roun’ lookin at each ovvaz ow awkward loikes, innit.  An’ den da lorrie droivah fell off da lift an’ ruined da bobby’s jumpah!

[via ThePlaylist, one more equally tedious clip below]

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