A psychic tire who explodes people’s heads. Seriously.

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05.05.10 12 Comments

This is the short teaser trailer for Rubber, soon to play as an entry in the International Critic’s Week competition at Cannes.  Yes, it’s about a tire that kills people with psychic powers. Let that sink in for a minute.  This may become the best film ever written.

In the Californian desert, an incredulous audience attends a telepathic tire’s adventures which is mysteriously attracted by a beautiful young lady. An investigation begins.

Rubber is the story of a tire named Robert who, after discovering a pile of burning tires, decides to avenge his people by blowing up people’s heads … like tires. [QuietEarth via /Film]

I don’t think it’s too far fetched to believe a tire could make people’s heads explodes, considering a synopsis just made my dick swell.  But please, tell me more about this beautiful young lady with whom the tire falls in love.  Is she Caucasian?  Could the tire roll up and loudly inquire “Where the white women at?”  Because so far you’re doing everything right and that would just be the cherry on the sundae.

[even more pictures over at Twitch]

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