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09.11.09 12 Comments

Abigail Breslin and Elisabeth Shue have signed on to star in Janie Jones, and since The Clash song of the same name is going to be stuck in your head now anyway, I thought I’d post the video.  You lughckay laday!  *spits on crowd*

(via THR) Alessandro Nivola, Elisabeth Shue and Abigail Breslin have been cast in the indie drama “Janie Jones.”  Breslin will play the title role, a young girl abandoned by her drug-addicted, former-groupie mother (Shue) at a concert, who surprises the fading rock singer who’s performing (Nivola) with news that she is his daughter.  The film is written and will be directed by David M. Rosenthal (“See This Movie”), who based the story on his similar experience.

Because he went to a concert once and got the idea to write a movie during an ecstasy binge, you see.  GRRR, based on a true story!

There was, in fact, a notorious Janie Jones in 1960s-’70s London who made waves as a pop star and famous madam. The Clash subsequently memorialized her in the first song on their 1977 debut album.  [“and in retrospect, this story has nothing to do with her.” -Ed.]

You know, I think what would really make this story pop is if Disney took over. They could cast The Rock as the fading rock singer.  Then he could find out a mentally challenged fan is actually his son from a previous dalliance with a drug mule in Poughkeepsie.  The son would be played by Sean Astin.  “Rudy Can’t Fail”, they could call it.

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