Adult performer tests positive for HIV

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10.13.10 39 Comments

Being myself a former adult video editor, the adult film industry is close to my heart, which is why it saddens me to report that an adult performer has tested positive for HIV in Southern California.  Tragically, it appears that it was not Evan Stone.

“Adult Industry Medical Healthcare [in San Fernando Valley] has confirmed that an adult industry performer has tested positive for HIV,” AIM’s clinical administrator Brooke Miller told AVN. “We are currently quarantining and testing all exposed partners and we will have no further information until the end of the week. We are contacting everyone that might have been exposed.”

Patient Zero is a male performer who performed in both straight and gay adult videos. Additionally, we received word that an undetermined number of first and second generation adult performers who may have been exposed have been quarantined at this time. [via AVN – NSFW]

Wicked Pictures and Vivid Entertainment told the Times that they stopped production as a precaution when the positive test was revealed. [AP]

Naturally, this latest development only strengthens the argument of those fascists who would make condoms mandatory for all adult performers.

“That a performer tested positive for HIV today—and that more may be infected—was totally preventable,” AHF President Michael Weinstein said in a statement. “It is also living proof that testing is not adequate protection against HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases among porn performers. How many more people have to be infected with HIV before Los Angeles County steps in to do its job and protect performers’ and the public’s health and AIM stops being a ‘fig leaf’ for the industry?” [AVN]

A fig leaf?  This guy sucks at metaphors. If your goal is to get people to cover their wieners, you probably shouldn’t insult people by comparing them to something that covers your wiener.  Anyway, first condoms, what’s next?  The guys have to tie star of David armbands around their penises? No thanks, Hitler.

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