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12.05.07 79 Comments

Four Afghani boys from The Kite Runner have left the country for fear of reprisals in advance of the movie’s December 14th opening in the US.

Since the movie has a rape scene, some fundamentalists naturally believe the boys should be beheaded and their blood used to wash the streets of Kabul from the stink of the infidel.  Seems reasonable.

Although the film is not scheduled for release in Afghanistan, there are concerns that pirated DVDs could reach Kabul and some residents might react violently to the rape scene.  The four boys, each accompanied by a relative, left Afghanistan and arrived in the United Arab Emirates on Friday, said Megan Colligan, executive vice president of marketing for Paramount Vantage, which is releasing the film. [Reuters]

Poor kids walk around in fear because of a fictional rape scene they shot with the goal of increasing peoples’ understanding of the Afghan plight, meanwhile McG and Ratner rape a new movie franchise every week and not one person calls for their execution.  Hell in a handbasket I tell you.

i hope everyone’s doing their part to make these boys feel safe. As a token of my support I sent them all teddy bears named Muhammed. I’m thoughtful! 

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