Sign of the apocalypse: movies based on iPhone games

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08.24.10 19 Comments

I’ve already reported on planned movie adaptations of board games, arcade games,

Today’s canoe is Angry Birds, an iPhone game from Finland’s Rovio that boasts 6.5 million downloads.  Rovio’s execs are currently scheduling meetings around Hollywood with the idea of turning their iPhone game into a TV show, comic book, and/or feature film.  Yes, an iPhone-game-based feature film. No word on whether they expect it to be CGI, live-action, or some horrible Squeaquel combination of the two, but Rovio CEO Mikael Hed reportedly enjoys Wallace & Gromit-style claymation.  Whatever you say, dude.

CEO Mikael Hed understands that producing a movie could take three years before it bows.  “The challenge is to make sure the brand is relevant when the movie comes out,” he said.
To do that, Rovio hopes to take a page from Pixar’s playbook.
“Time and time again, they take an unknown brand and make it big,” Hed added.

If by “taking an unknown brand and making it big” you mean “writing an original movie,” then yes, that’s exactly what they do.  I like to imagine this guy asking John Lennon, “So, you just took a song people had never heard and made it big, huh?  Incredible.  What PR firm did you use? Where did you do your focus groups?”

So wait, what kind of game are we dealing with here?

What Rovio has is a game in which players use a slingshot to help a flock of animated birds destroy a group of evil pigs who stole their eggs. |Variety|

Awesome.  That sounds like a great movie.  Best of luck.  Hey, if you’re looking for another game to adapt, I hear the Pass-Out Game is really popular.  All the kids are playing it.

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