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08.30.07 8 Comments

Besides looking good in a bikini, Anna Faris apparently has some say in the movie-naming process. According to MTV, the Happy Madison-produced movie formerly known as House Bunny, will now be called I Know What Boys Like.  

Bottom line, it was a good excuse to link back to those pictures of Anna Faris in a bikini and post the above clip of Katharine McPhee getting groped by Tyra Banks (skip to the 44 second mark if you don't want to watch Tyra being her barely sentient self). 

In the movie, McPhee will be playing a pregnant hippie.  My high school health teacher told us that if you're gonna get a chick knocked up, better it be a hippie; that way, when you kill her most people won't care.  I learned a lot from him.     

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