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02.25.09 16 Comments

Just like every other douchebag, I loved Arrested Development.  I don’t necessarily think it needs to be a movie, but that doesn’t matter, because the headline “Arrested Development Movie??” has been propping up struggling movie blog traffic for years now.  Now EOnline is reporting that Michael Cera, long rumored to be the final holdout in the cast, has signed on.

According to insiders, the movie may go as early as the end of the year, if they can put it together in time. I’m told Mitchell Hurwitz is writing and directing the script, and Fox Searchlight is the studio.

Last we heard from Cera himself, he implied he wasn’t holding out, just waiting for a script.  I actually liked that idea.  I know everyone’s all “Michael Cera’s a dick! Stop holding out like a dick, you dick!”, but me, I just don’t think “Sure, I’ll sign on, but only if you promise to rush the shit out of the script and direct it like wild dogs are chasing you,” is the right message to send either.

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